Who Will Avenge Us?


Since Genesis 3 where man sinned in the Garden of Eden committing cosmic treason against our creator, our father, and our friend. We have been looking for a way out, a hero, a savior someone who will lay it all on the line to bring all of us to a place of joy, and lead us in to Utopia like peace that allow unicorns and gumdrop rain to shower upon the prosperity that we feel we deserve. There is a part of you right now that knows that the state of this world, the death, the disease, famine, the unbalanced socio-economic state of wealth distribution. That it is all not right and not natural this isn’t how it ought to be we will seek things like yoga, positivity seminars  you may subscribe to motivational instagram accounts. You crave that way out you want that hero to right the wrongs that we ourselves cannot and or will not fix.

So we dream of these people that can do wonderous things, Superman is the secular god, Batman a vigilante billionaire, the X-men mutated humans with powers who strive for social justice. This list goes on and there is a hero for every cause and there is an endless story arc spanning 80 years of americana publication. It doesn’t stop with comics there are endless movies about superheroes, war heroes, video games that make you the hero all aimed at empowering you giving you the experience to be a warrior without sacrificing for it. So much so that  most don’t know what the real thing looks like does this sound familiar?

Ecclesiastes 1:9 shares, “What has been will be again, what has been done will be done again; there is nothing new under the sun.” 

The ancient world is filled with stories, myths, religions,  cults, and other groups all looking for the same thing.  They are looking for a  savior in the same ways that we do today  the idea of these larger than life personification of humanity. The people of ancient times also missed the fact like most do today that Jesus entered into human space denying his position as God to come on this rescue mission.  Philippians 2:8-11 is a perfect example of the servant leader and the servant hero Christ is to humanity. We often get caught up in  the fringe details of what Jesus ought to look like, or what you expected him to look like you can ultimately miss what scripture says  what he truly is like. The Pharisee of his time struggled fiercely with the same notions, as they had become comfortable with their positions, and lifestyle just as many of us both Christians and Non-Christians.  It’s easy for us to read the gospels  and say, ‘alright Jesus get’um!’ just as we would read a Batman or maybe a Spider-Man book  and say the same thing as they confront a villian. If we examine  the gospels and we examine ourselves it won’t be long before we sober up and realize that this is us he is talking about perhaps I am that white washed tomb Christ is calling out? Maybe I’m the inwardly filthy cup, or a brood of Vipers? It is scary to think about but he will say to some of us to depart from him as he never knew us!

John Piper said, ‘All superheroes all mere shadows compared to Jesus. ”

Every anointed leader in God’s metanarrative are all pre-figured versions of our Jesus to come. Jesus says in John 5:39, ” You search the scriptures because you think that in  them you have eternal life;  and it is they that bear witness of me. ” Superheroes are fun, entertaining, and for some a creative outlet to express deeper artistic pursuits. But if you are hungry, on fire, and seeking for that very personal, and real thing that will quench your soul  then look no further  than Jesus Christ of Nazareth.



Batman, Superman, The Avengers, PlayStation, Xbox, Image, Etc. All of these stories, these personalities,  and artwork distract you from godly pursuits. They are designed  to leave you thirsty Jesus offers you living water and  real resurrection, and an eternal victory that no villian, or space monster can undermine.

Who avenges you? Is it a mute cast of characters that you casually give your dollars to for yourself  or your children? Or is it The Lord who fights for you because he has paid for your sins by nailing himself to a cross so that you may be apart of a royal priesthood, a member of his holy nation?



End of Regression

“In my dream I am running downhill I trip and fall face first i nto a large pond in front of a forest opening. As I sink underwater I begin to dissolve there is nothing I can do I cease to be. Then I start praying to Jesus and in the woods I see the cross and he pulls me out into the woods and I follow him through a narrow path between trees. Then I wake up.”


In a moment my life was expunged from all the filth and in smaller twists of force it still is. I moved from being an angry man who lost sight of his savior climbed countless mountains, and have experienced unreasonable things. And just like that a lonely place of dying surrounds me led by a pretty face, and endless mercy. She came to me when I was the most isolated as Satan often does and she enticed me to enter into the bubble that she wanted me in. Everything was as I wanted as I asked but there was no future every breathe was numbered she was like that feeling of bitter cold and the feeling of going back to school after holiday. Countless  times she professed a dead faith and played her part she even blended in with the crowd. I felt helpless as my attempts to escape were  guarded by  empty death threats, and  metaphoric bomb scares. So I believed this was all I had and no one was coming for me and I was quickly dying. She brought out the worst in me and I became this proud version of myself I knew I had been underneath. I openly flaunted our pride, sex, and vacations including to God while I wanted this endless holiday to continue when it was in full swing I knew it was wrong, and I knew I was living a futile and deeply empty run against and from God. I believed the lie that I was useless and no one was coming. Finally it ended. I left.

The sobering truth hit me and I got up and left. I spent months praying searching for God begging for his wrath to hit me as I felt disqualified as someone who would lead, teach, or just be alive. I knew how wrong I was and that he was there the entire time throughout the lies, secrets, and sin. I wanted nothing more than to just retreat call it a life and become like Luke Skywalker and find that abandoned place to live out. But he had other plans and instead I married the woman I should have pursued, and I have come to the end of being momentless. There is no more time travelling there is no past. There is only the road ahead before me.



A Diary Semblance

Bending slowly the caverns release the calcified boots of shame like stones into the abyss. Long is their gone hollow empty contortions artists that imagine roses in their dissaproval. Breathes that gasp like dialogue in the heart throb, a knife wound hissing in four four time the anesthetics that drain the bad the sour and the pace that chases our fears. 

Black filled veins like stale cherry cola they called me every name and they gave me the book. Never did I hate them or sharpen this axe as the roots tear from ankle to stem the faces contort into the suburbs that lay leaves in the ditch party summer’s in the dumps. I was never invited lights out their hearts broken like fine tin rusted in refrigerant that flows from the old school reasons to gloat. Ransomed and locked away I was alone as the rain washed the hillside green. White hands touch the filth and sqauler the song that sang the bright so removed their shards simmer in white heat as the righteous laugh. Laughter to the highest heaven I remember as their pretense turns to sand glistening and painted feelings drawn out as the bright become tall the ankles crack and the roots snap. 

Baseline cues and the hillside path loosens from barbed wire and scorched hands that adjusts to these bloodshot eyes. It just way too bad I’ve wasted all this time being sad my heart jump ropes while I’m waiting. The peaks are cold and the valley low holding on here there is a hope in my heart that is full and sharp hooked deep carry on kid as the sand turns to grasss that dreams of being green. They can’t lock you up he’s murdered their progress and melted all their keys he’s unsewn your mouth and shut away their captivating lunacy. Bled is liquid plaid the color of my energy wings like eagles touchdown into lasting ecstacy.